Winter Olympics 2014

The Winter Olympics begin Friday, February 7th in Russia.  There will be a symbolic opening ceremony that will take place prior to the games. The Olympics are not only an intense competition but it’s also a great way to spend time together as a family.   Au Pairs especially enjoy the Olympics!  They often enjoy cheering for both the athletes of their own native country as well as the athletes from the USA!   It’s another great opportunity for Cultural Exchange!

Cultural 7

Interesting Facts about the Olympics…
–   This year’s Winter games are held in Russia and in four years the next Winter Olympics will be held in South Korea.
–   The first Winter Olympics were held in France in 1924
–   The Winter Olympic sports include: alpine skiing, biathlon (cross-country skiing and target shooting), bobsled, cross-country skiing, curling, figure skating, freestyle skiing, ice hockey, luge, Nordic combined (ski jumping and cross-country skiing), skeleton, ski jumping, snowboarding, and speed skating.
–   Up until 1994 the Olympics were held every four years (the Winter Games were simply a few months earlier than the Summer Olympics). Since then, the Winter and Summer games have alternated every two years.
–   Only three continents (Africa, South America, and Antarctica) have never hosted an Olympics (Summer or Winter).
–   Only four athletes have ever won medals at both the Summer and Winter Olympics.
–   Most people recognize the Olympic Symbol with five interlocking rings of various colors but do you know what it represents?  The five circles are for the five continents and at least one of the colors (blue, yellow, black, green, & red) appears on the national flags of every country.
–   The Olympic Motto is: “Faster, Higher, Stronger”
–   It’s estimated that over 3 billion people watch the Olympics. Did you watch?


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